Maximize EV range with Pre-Switch

Pre-Switch™ eliminates switching losses, enabling 10X higher switching frequencies and much higher efficiency

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drivetrain technology

  • Eliminates switching losses
  • Smaller, low-cost inverters
  • Increased motor efficiency

inverter losses

  • High peak, average and low-load efficiency
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased switching speed

Motor Losses

  • Higher efficiency
  • Increased reliability
  • Smaller, low cost
100kHz reference inverter is 98.5% efficient at 5% load – peak efficiency is 99.57%

Pre-Switch for E-mobility = Further Smaller Lighter Cooler

Embedded AI adapts for all loads and voltages


CleanWave200: initial power up and first AI learning

Initial Prototype: power up and first AI learning

Demonstration and explanation of Pre-Switch AI during initial power up and first learning...
Pre-Switch increases EV range 5-12%

Pre-Switch increases EV range 5-12%

Pre-Switch increases EV Range 5 – 12% while solving dV/dt challenges...
plug in charging power to electric vehicle EV car

Pre-Switch Technology White Paper

How Pre-Switch forced resonance soft-switching driven by AI offers a new, low-cost technology...


CleanWave2 EV Inverter Evaluation System

CleanWave EV Inverter
Evaluation System

This is an evaluation system for CleanWave, a fully-functional 200kW inverter with integrated motor control, CAN bus interface, DC link capacitors and safety features. It achieves a class-leading peak efficiency of 99.5% at 100kHz and delivers a power density of 210kW/L. Pre-Switch also offers a customization service enabling CleanWave to be used as a stand-alone inverter.

CleanWave Inverter

A family of inverters with the class-leading efficiency and power density performance of CleanWave. Available in 100kW, 150kW, 200kW, 250kW, 300kW, 350kW and 400kW power ratings.

CleanWave Inverter Licence

Pre-Flex SoC

Pre-Flex ICs contain all the AI algorithms necessary for soft switching across all operating voltages, load conditions and temperatures. The SoC also enables motor control for permanent magnet motors, and includes embedded diagnostics with digital scope and customer code API library.

People with document and laptops

CleanWave Inverter Licence

All the software necessary to run the 
Pre-Flex SoC. Does not include
source code.

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Pre-Switch, Inc. is a Silicon Valley power architecture company that is defining leading-edge AI to maximize drivetrain and power conversion efficiency. The company was founded by industry experts in power semiconductors, power systems, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Pre-Switch technology is covered by multiple patents worldwide.

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Motor Benefits

A Pre-Switch-enabled inverter reduces sine wave output distortion by 10X, enabling motors to run more efficiently. In a conventional hard switching design, the output ripple current of the half-bridge circuit switching back and forth at 10-15 switching events per fundamental frequency causes a significant level of distortion.  The distortion is effectively an induction heater in the motor coils and does no useful work. Pre-Switch technology minimizes this ripple by switching 10x faster.  The lower distortion fundamental sine wave to the motor is what we call a ‘clean wave’ and improves motor efficiency predominantly at lower RPM and lower torques which is where EV’s are driven and increases EV range.

The second benefit of the Pre-Switch soft switching architecture is that inverter dV/dt is configurable with a free lossless dV/dt filter that is part of the architecture.  Reducing dV/dt improves motor reliability and reduces motor winding insulation allowing higher power density motors. Due to the fast edge  speeds of WBG (SiC; GaN) transistors, high dV/dt is traded off for reduced switching losses.  But high dV/dt speeds of above 15-20V/ns can cause insulation damage. Inverter designers in the past accommodate these excessive dV/dt speeds by adding extra insulation in the motor. This approach has the adverse affect of reducing motor power density and increasing motor costs.  In contrast, the Pre-Switch architecture slows edge speeds but allows increased switching frequencies, eliminating the problem of high dV/dt speeds and reducing the insulation required. 

The faster switching speeds enabled with Pre-Switch can be used to spin motors faster.  In some applications a lower cost, lighter and higher RPM motor can be used.

The final benefit for motor design is that because Pre-Switch-enabled systems switch so fast, low inductance motors can be used which have the benefit of being smaller and lighter and lower cost. This is particularly suitable for applications such as electric aircraft, where designers are trying to reduce the amount of iron in the motors to keep weight to a minimum.